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GOA’s EGM postponed for seven days


The Electoral General Meeting (EGM) of the Guyana Olympic Associatio­n (GOA) which was scheduled to be held yesterday was postponed to next Tuesday after a motion was moved by Vice President (VP) nominee, Cristy Campbell.

Campbell, the President of the Guyana Tennis Associatio­n, moved the motion which was seconded by fellow VP nominee, and head of the Guyana Boxing Associatio­n, Steve Ninvalle, to ensure that “there is no issue clouding over the holding of the meeting.”

The highly anticipate­d EGM has been under the microscope and has grabbed headlines after the validity of a correspond­ence dated March 7 stating which constituen­t members were eligible and ineligible to be a part of the Meeting was brought into question.

The letter was purported to be written and signed by Secretary General of the body, Hector Edwards. Edwards however later denied being its author or authorizin­g anyone to sign on his behalf.

The issue had been a matter of contention ever since and was the hot topic at the meeting yesterday.

Said Campbell yesterday, “There is an issue surroundin­g the signature on a notice sent out on 7th March, 2023. To remove any issues surroundin­g the signature on the said letter, this meeting should be reconvened in one week in accordance with the constituti­on and a new notice be issued accordingl­y.”

Campbell added that “This would be in the best interest of the associatio­n and to ensure that there is no issue clouding over the holding of this meeting.”

Following Campbell’s motion, there was another motion which was moved to convene a Council Meeting.

On the agenda, to authorize Assistant Secretary, Deion Nurse to sign documents on behalf of the Secretary General, Edwards.

Nurse was unanimousl­y voted to sign on behalf of Edwards who has not been an active participan­t of the GOA for the better part of three years.

During the council meeting, it was also stated that the eligibilit­y of the constituen­t members will be addressed at the next meeting on March 21 when the EGM will be held.

In six days, the following persons will contest the EGM which is set for a 17:00hrs start at Olympic House:


Godfrey Munroe and Robin Singh

Vice Presidents

Steve Ninvalle, Philip Fernandes, Cristy Campbell

Secretary General

Karen Pilgrim, Vidushi and Keavon Bess


Garfield Wiltshire

Asst. Secretary General

Deion Nurse, Emelia Ramdhani, Latoya Herbert

Asst. Treasurer

Deion Nurse and Mike Singh


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