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House Committee Chair says US cares about Guyana’s stability, prosperity


The chairman of the US House of Representa­tives Ways and Means Committee, Jason Smith on Friday evening at a reception held at the US Ambassador, Sarah-Ann Lynch’s residence, stated that America cares greatly about Guyana’s stability and prosperity.

Following a meeting with President Irfaan Ali and members of the government on Friday, the committee then proceeded to the reception held in their honour that evening.

With President Ali, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, and a number of Cabinet members present, Smith stated, “We are all on the same time zone, we are all friends, we are all neighbours, there is no country that cares about your stability and your prosperity more than the United States always remember that and don’t forget it.”

He stressed, that the “friendship and the partnershi­p” the American people have with Guyana will only get stronger. “We want to see you all become so successful and have the most amazing infrastruc­ture and quality of life and you’re going to do that underneath the leadership of your President and your Vice President and these members of Parliament.”

He then urged that it be remembered that Guyana has friends in Washington.

Smith, who has been chairman of the Republican-led committee for just over two months, explained that it is the oldest committee in Congress and the only committee that is in the Constituti­on of the United States of America.

According to him, the committee has jurisdicti­on over 100% of all the revenues that goes into the United States as well as sole jurisdicti­on over all trade “and so it gives us an opportunit­y to work with our friends and partners.”

He noted that they were able to choose only three countries to visit based on specific reasons.

Guyana was among the first countries visited since Smith became chairman. He said, “We wanted to make sure we recognized how important our bilateral relationsh­ips are with those three countries and that’s why we decided to make this last stop of the three.”

However, he explained, that it was actually Kelly Armstrong, US Congressma­n for North Dakota who is a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee that has been championin­g to visit Guyana, “and early on he’s (Armstrong) like you need to look at this country and see what they are doing. They’re going to be the leader in the entire region.”

While here, Smith spoke openly about America seeking to outcompete China here in terms of Guyana’s energy sector.

“We appreciate the productive conversati­on the delegation had with President Dr. Ali about the American–Guyanese bilateral relationsh­ip. Guyana’s abundant energy resources have the potential to lift its people out of poverty, help power the world, and ensure more affordable energy for American families and job creators. China also is participat­ing in Guyana’s oil production. America must be committed to outcompeti­ng China around the world while strengthen­ing key American supply chains, increasing U.S. production of affordable energy resources, and improving partnershi­ps with allies in the Western Hemisphere and beyond. Our delegation’s meetings have shown how U.S. bilateral relationsh­ips in the region benefit American workers and provide a much-needed alternativ­e to countries that might otherwise orient their economies toward China. An energy boom in Guyana can help American workers while also benefiting the people of Guyana and their economy”, he said.

 ?? ?? Jason Smith speaking on Friday
Jason Smith speaking on Friday

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