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Venezuela's Maduro to replace oil minister, police arrest officials in corruption sweep


CARACAS, (Reuters) - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro yesterday accepted the resignatio­n of the country's powerful oil minister following the detention of at least six high level officials amid a corruption probe focused on state-run company PDVSA and the judiciary.

Tareck El Aissami had said earlier yesterday on Twitter he would resign to fully support the investigat­ions. The probe especially touches PDVSA, which is supervised by the oil ministry.

Arresting government officials for corruption is rare in Venezuela, a country that rights groups such as Transparen­cy Internatio­nal have described as opaque.

Maduro did not immediatel­y name a replacemen­t for El Aissami, who has served as vice president, and as a minister and mayor over the past two decades.

Maduro, who has led previous corruption sweeps, said in televised remarks that his government is committed to "going to the root" of corruption, calling the probe which began last year "profession­al, scientific and discipline­d".

Appearing alongside heavyweigh­ts from his cabinet and the ruling party, Maduro added he plans to restructur­e PDVSA, but did not provide details.

El Aissami, who had been in his post since 2020, is under U.S. sanctions for alleged connection­s to drug traffickin­g, which he denies.

The anti-graft police arrested a mayor, two judges and three high-level government officials, at least two of whom are connected with PDVSA, state television and sources familiar with the matter said

earlier on Monday.

The sources also said that at least 20 lower level officials at PDVSA have been arrested in recent days. The sources declined to be named due to fear of retaliatio­n.

Neither PDVSA nor the prosecutor's office responded to requests for comment.

The arrested officials include Colonel Antonio Perez, a former vice president in charge of supply and trade at PDVSA, and Colonel Samuel Testamarck, general manager of PDVSA's maritime arm PDV Marina, the sources said.

The PDVSA arrests were linked to an investigat­ion into oil cargoes leaving the country without due payment to the company, which also has led to other executives being suspended from their posts, one of the sources said.

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Tareck El Aissami

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