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Think before you use your words, Brother

- Dear Editor, Sincerely, N. Sahadeo

I wrote my piece about the remarks by Tacuma and it did not meet the “liking” of the newspapers. Was it because I dared stated the obvious...that the rants of the person that I once known as Colin is strange coming from his mouth. I have seen even more one sided racist fulminatio­ns in the papers too where the other majority, like Tacuma, are given public space to vent.

These are my thoughts after reading the letter by one Rohit Kanhai where he said...’’”Blacks do not want or need handouts from an Indian dominated PPP government. The Black race wants equality in the dignified sense of the word. How do they go about earning that?” When we were inundated with Mo Fya and Slo Fya on Regent Street, the girls working for us confronted some of the mob and told them… “When you all damage this business, our children and us will starve. These people employ us and we can feed our children/give them a better life.”

My siblings took a number of young black girls off the payment and gave them jobs. My Dad/our family have done that all our lives. Yet when these employees are not around, we are fresh pickings for mobs. I can fill a tome with the incidents that happened on Regent Street and elsewhere were Bhagwan Ji/Hanuman Ji saved us from attacks.

So when will this paradigm end in Guyana? The politician­s keep playing the two major races like puppets. It never ceased to amaze when we saw members of the opposing parties hugging, kissing, laughing and gaffing like buddy friends at receptions as they gorge themselves and then the next day they are cussing down each other in the public space and inciting their respective folk/kin/mattie.

A last word to everyone who may read this .... the biggest losers are the ordinary children in the streets, irrespecti­ve of race. What is playing out is real life “Animal Farm” and no matter if it is the PPP or PNC, the children of Guyana will not have the pleasure of selling lemonade for animals as they will be too busy trying to find the limes to make some swank to quench the pangs of hunger gnawing in their empty bellies as they watch the kids of the politician­s whizz pass in million dollar SUVs on their way to fancy schools.

Who will cry for these kids? Turning guns/weapons on another will not fill any kid’s empty stomach and will lead to more days of starvation when parents get slaughtere­d. Think before you use your words, Brother.

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