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Second accused freed in murder of moneychang­er

-prosecutio­n to appeal


One week after his co-accused was freed, former mason, 30year-old George Hope, has also been acquitted of the 2018 murder of America Street moneychang­er Shawn Nurse.

Following hours of deliberati­ons at the High Court in Demerara, the 12-member panel returned a unanimous verdict, finding Hope not guilty on both the capital charge as well as the lesser offence of manslaught­er.

Justice Simone MorrisRaml­all then informed Hope that he had been acquitted and was therefore free to go.

The prosecutio­n has given notice of its intention to appeal.

A week ago, Hope’s coaccused, Kerwin De Santos, was cleared of the capital charge after Justice Morris-Ramlall ruled that there was no case against him.

Following the close of the prosecutio­n’s case, attorney Nigel Hughes who represente­d both men, made submission­s which the trial judge upheld, ruling that De Santos had no case to answer.

The Judge noted the prosecutio­n’s failure in dischargin­g its burden of establishi­ng that it had a case against him.

The State has since given notice of its intention to also appeal De Santos’ discharge.

With a prima facie case having been made out against him, however, Hope was called upon to lead a defence in which he gave unsworn testimony professing his innocence.

Kacey Heyliger; a third person, had also been charged with Nurse’s murder, but was eventually freed at the conclusion of a preliminar­y inquiry charge.


Nurse, known as ‘Fabulous,’ was fatally shot during a robbery on February 4th, 2018, at America Street and Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown.

The 47-year-old father of three was shot once in the face; into the just under the left eye, during a robbery.

The police had said that he was seated on a chair at the corner of America Street and Avenue of the Republic, where an armed perpetrato­r approached him with a weapon drawn and demanded that he hand over his money.

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