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PPP Eccles/Ramsburg group selects ‘Shell’ Mohamed for upcoming LGE


Well-known gold dealer, Nazar ‘Shell’ Mohamed, has been selected as the Eccles/Ramsburg PPP/C representa­tive for the upcoming Local Government Elections, while prominent businessma­n, Harry Mattai, is being floated to represent the Bel Air Gardens/North West Campbellvi­lle constituen­cy.

PPP/C General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday told a press conference that the members of the Eccles/Ramsburg cluster had selected Mohamed and they have since submitted his name to the party.

Jagdeo said that

Mattai’s name has been floated for his constituen­cy but stated that the party will formally announce all of its candidates next month.

Mohamed first announced that he was contesting when he shared a poster announcing his candidacy The poster released by Nazar for office on Mohamed announcing his candidacy social media.

Speaking last night with want to play more of an Stabroek News, Mohamed advisory role,” Mohamed said he hopes to contribute stated as he pointed out positively in the developmen­t that he is already aged and of his community. He believes his energies can noted that he has already be used to significan­tly been receiving support develop the community. from residents in the community. Mohamed explained that since his announceme­nt

He stated that he decided he has been receiving to go with the PPP/C calls from numerous persons since his chance of getting within his community on the council is higher as pledging their support for they normally win, according him. to his calculatio­ns, 90 “We in principle agreed per cent of the seats on the over the constituen­cy candidates, council. but that still has to

Mohamed said too that receive the final approval he has been in the community at the party level,” Jagdeo for the past 40 years said. and has been contributi­ng When asked if he could to developmen­t. He confirm Mattai’s name on believes if he makes it to the PPP/C list, Jagdeo the council he can advance responded in the negative his contributi­ons. saying “I don’t want to

“I don’t want to go into comment on people’s the main political realm. names at this point in Even at this stage, if the time.” chairmansh­ip is offered to It was at this point, he me I would accept it. I just stated that subsequent to

his party submission of names on Nomination­s Day, which is set for April 17, they will launch their campaign and reveal their candidates.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo added that a prerequisi­te for being on the party’ slate was that those who win could not bid for contracts in their respective districts.

“And one of the criteria is that they will not be able to tender for contracts in their Neighbourh­ood Democratic Council in which they are [contesting]… for the first time now, we are prohibitin­g that from happening because we have had instances in the past where we have instances where councillor­s were tendering for contracts in their own [constituen­cy],” the General Secretary disclosed.

He stated that all 80 clusters of the party were given a list with criteria that the party wished to see in prospectiv­e candidates. Among the criteria is that candidates must agree to be faithful to the community’s manifesto.

According to Jagdeo, in their selection of candidates, there is a mixture of party members and persons from the civic side.

He stated “that has always been the model. There are people who don’t have party cards but they want to contribute to the community. They want to make a difference.

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