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My thoughts on candidate Nazar Mohamed in the upcoming Local Government Elections

- Dear Editor, Sincerely, GHK Lall

I admit that my first thoughts when I saw the announceme­nt of Mr. Nazar Mohamed as a candidate in the upcoming Local Government Elections were: no! Wrong move; and why go there, in such a hornet’s nest; and why not focus on business, and more success. Then, I saw some of the positives that could come from the presence of a citizen like Mr. Nazar Mohamed on a Village Council. I now proceed to share why I think so. Before doing so, in the interest of full disclosure, I know Mr. Mohamed well, from our years together as part of the nation’s gold work. We had our difference­s and difficulti­es, but neither he nor I allowed those to lead to distancing from or denouncing of the other. It is standard which pleases, one that more Guyanese would do well to make integral to their profession­al and other lives. I now move forward.

Mr. Nazar Mohamed brings many things to a Village Council. They range from his vast pool of business knowledge, the way how things work at every level in this country, plus an understand­ing of our politics. In sum, he is most familiar with our culture. He has not survived and succeeded in his endeavors by being politicall­y naïve, or politicall­y unsure of his steps. In the clash and culture of Village Councils, his political smarts should help both he and his fellows to navigate challenges for the uplift of their community. Some have recoiled at the news of his candidacy, or that he has aligned openly with the PPP. He will weather the storms, especially the latter. Competing political groups know that his smile bestowed in their direction could mean many things, including that he is still good for a dollar. He cannot lose; he cannot be penalized in the manner that other Guyanese have been, when they utilized their constituti­onal right to the political affiliatio­n of their choice, and then publicized such. Besides those attributes, Mr. Mohamed has a few other things going for his candidatur­e that I believe are even more priceless.

First, he does not need anybody’s money, since what he has he has, and it is not small change. Because he neither needs nor wants, then he is going to be a tough nut to crack, a presence to be feared in the boardroom and alleyways of any Council. As I see it, his all but guaranteed victory is sure to make some think twice about engaging in what gouges the citizenry. The hustlers may be compelled to cease and desist from corrupt practices for the time being, or work overtime to figure out new schemes to rip off community and taxpayers. In other words, corrupt people don’t like people who have a problem with that, especially when they are in a position to know and do something about it. In Mr. Mohamed, there would be the fear factor.

Second, due to Mr. Mohamed being known for having easy access to high national officers, there is that apprehensi­on that exposure could follow, and it would be the kibosh for those who are erring and playing with the people’s money and business. Because he is who he is in the community, residents may feel more comfortabl­e sharing their concerns, their experience­s, and their names. That is, the names of those Council members and workers who are up to no good, who are enriching themselves as a natural byproduct of the PPP governance. It has been so, has it not?

Third, a growing number of Guyanese have seen through the facades and charades of senior political people and their likeminded assistants, and they hate what they see, assess, and conclude. But they have not done much beyond that, besides crying out angrily and bitterly to trusted family and friends: This is not what was voted for; this is worse than the ways of the PNC. Perhaps, with a Nazar Mohamed stepping forward, others who are conscienti­ous and want what is best for Guyana may also be prompted to make a move to Councils and other areas, in the belief that they also can make a difference towards the difference, just by their honest presence. Let this fact be faced, there are Guyanese, not too many yet, who know what is going on, and detest the sum of it. They recognize the danger and damage to Guyana, and any clean Guyanese way of life. They want an end to the skulldugge­ries and the endless deviousnes­s, and they could just be stirred to see themselves as agents of some much-needed change. Towards the positive, that is.

For all these reasons, it is my position that the newly announced aspiring political candidate is a solid one, someone who could be a trailblaze­r, notwithsta­nding the clouds hanging. I wish Mr. Mohamed success in this newest venture of his, firm in the belief that he is the man for the job, one who could produce results, no matter how small. Last, he breaks ground for some of his own to follow in his pioneering footsteps. Think family.

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