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pany can move ahead with processing the claims.

When Stabroek News arrived on the scene around 11:45 am yesterday, two car were seen in contact. One belonged to a resident of Victoria Village and the other belonged to an attendee of the crusade. They both were taken aback by the mayhem and damage caused by the lorry and are expecting to be compensate­d for their loss.

Derek Jillis, 44, of Lot 67 Middle Walk, Victoria Village, and owner of one of the cars told this newspaper that he and his wife were inside their home when they heard a loud impact at about 9 pm. Upon checking outside, he saw his car pushed up under other vehicles. He noted that all the vehicles were badly damaged including his. However, his wife’s car only suffered a dented door. He too, is expecting to be compensate­d.

Jillis also observed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and that he refused to take the breathalyz­er test.

Meanwhile, the owner of the other car, a 25-yearold attendee of the crusade, who wished not to be named, said he was under the tent where the crusade was being held when he heard a loud noise outside. When he checked outside, “everything was a wreck, cars were pinned down by a truck that has the logo “Rock Hard” behind it. My car bearing license number PSS 9009 that is currently smashed and in a kissing position was pinned down too. Two persons got injured that was outside the tent.”

Even though he could not say what his estimated losses were, he related that the car is his only mode of transporta­tion and like the others, wished to be compensate­d.

Meanwhile, 51-year old Linden Pilgrim, who owns a bus recalled that about 9:06 pm he was standing in the entrance to the tent when he saw the truck that was heading east on the public road, hit PKK 8790 that had slowed down and as a result of that, one of

his (truck) tyres was blown out. The driver then lost control of the vehicle and hit a BMW car, then a bus and a utility pole, then hit the rest of the vehicles causing the motorbikes, car, minibus and bicycles to hit each other with some being flung into the air. “I started to run but due to the intensity of the impact everything was flying in the air and I got knock out in the process.”

Pilgrim added that he sustained a fracture to his left leg and his bus, BLL 8324, was smashed up. “As a constructi­on worker and farmer, I need my bus to transport my tools and my produce. Also, I can’t work at the moment because of the incident so I’m pleading to be compensate­d for my loss.”

Thirty-four-year-old Dellon Browne, also of Victoria Village, said he was on his motorbike when he felt the impact of the pile-up. He said the impact damaged the motorbike but luckily he wasn’t hurt. “The handles and everything in front of the bike is broken. I would really like if I can be compensate­d for this cause to buy the parts alone the bike is expensive and I’ll have to buy a new one.”

All the victims are demanding compensati­on.

 ?? ?? Two cars waiting to be towed away from outside the crusade tent.
Two cars waiting to be towed away from outside the crusade tent.
 ?? ?? One of the cars that suffered a dent
One of the cars that suffered a dent
 ?? ?? Another view of the cars
Another view of the cars

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