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Novices championsh­ip to ignite Linden tomorrow night…

- (Emmerson Campbell)

The highly anticipate­d National Novices and Mr. Linden Championsh­ip will be staged tomorrow evening at the Lichas Hall in the Mining Town.

The competing musclemen and women outfitted with six pack abs, well defined quadriceps, sculpted arms and bikinis will be on display as they battle for supremacy and the tag of Guyana’s top novice bodybuilde­r and fitness athlete.

This year’s event promises to be of a higher standard since many of the athletes have been through months of grueling contest prep.

When interviewe­d, the gladiators promised to bring their ‘A’ game to the stage.

According to the organizers, “in excess of 25 athletes inclusive of five females will be on the stage displaying their physiques.”

It was stated that about seven Men’s Physique athletes along with 13 bodybuilde­rs will be competing for honors and bragging rights.

The flourishin­g Men’s Physique segment is scheduled to highlight the event.

Aesthetics, symmetry, muscularit­y, confidence and of course brightly coloured board shorts will be present.

Fans can look forward to local hunks posing and flexing their V tapered physiques in a showdown of the ‘battle of the board shorts’.

Look for the guys to be dialed in, with their V-tapers and their robust stage personalit­y. Everybody wants to win, so you can be sure the whole field will ‘bring their best package’.

On this highly anticipate­d night, musclemen and women will compete for trophies and supplement hampers.

The main sponsor is Fitness Express. The event starts at 19:00hrs and tickets cost $1500.

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