De­bunk­ing Mr. Har­mon’s po­lit­i­cal machi­na­tion

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the hog­wash from Se­nior Min­is­ter Mr. Joseph Har­mon in the Kai­eteur News to­day begs the ques­tion, why is Mr. Har­mon at­tack­ing the mes­sen­ger and re­fuses to deal with the mes­sage. The is­sue is ex­tremely sim­ple and as a trained lawyer, Mr. Har­mon should be more en­light­ened as to how to re­ject the is­sues I have high­lighted. But he can­not com­pe­tently re­ject the is­sues so in­stead Mr. Har­mon chooses the lazy op­tion of at­tack­ing the mes­sen­ger rather than ad­dress the mes­sage. How can a gov­ern­ment in a coun­try with more than 50% of its peo­ple be­ing Amerindi­ans and East Indians ap­points 1 of the 17 per­ma­nent sec­re­taries from that com­bined group?

When the Editor of Kai­eteur News Mr. Adam Har­ris called me on this is­sue, I had one re­quest of Adam, which was “Adam please ask Joe to pub­lish his list?” I also told Mr. Har­ris that Mr. Har­mon will never pub­lish his list be­cause his list will not be dif­fer­ent from mine. Mr. Har­mon can­not wash away the truth and chooses in­stead to dance around the real is­sue with all sorts of scur­rilous ex­cuses.

I, there­fore, con­tinue to re­ject Mr. Har­mon’s as­ser­tions that I am try­ing to cre­ate a “boo­gie” when the real eth­nic in­se­cu­rity im­bal­ance at the top of the pub­lic ser­vice was cre­ated solely by this PNC led Granger ad­min­is­tra­tion.

Mr. Har­mon should en­lighten him­self of our his­tory and prop­erly un­der­stand the con­cept that Guyana was a na­tion that was not meant to be, be­ing below sea-level and con­sti­tuted as a mashup of peo­ple from all sorts of eth­nic back­ground in an en­vi­ron­ment de­lib­er­ately cul­ti­vated for the Bri­tish to rule us­ing the model of eth­nic divi­sion. But our peo­ples from all six races sur­vived, per­se­vered and rose that Golden Ar­row­head in 1966. Thus what Mr. Har­mon is do­ing to­day to the lead­er­ship of the pub­lic ser­vice is a great dis­ser­vice to the an­ces­tors of all Guyanese.

Our so­cial strat­egy, es­pe­cially in the pub­lic ser­vice, must re­flect the net self-worth of all of our peo­ple be­cause all of our peo­ple gave their blood for this land called Guyana. When two ma­jor seg­ments of the pop­u­la­tion (Amerindi­ans and East Indians) are dis­en­fran­chised (de­lib­er­ately or ac­ci­den­tally) from Mr. Har­mon’s pub­lic sec­tor be­cause they are per­ceived as not his sup­port­ers, then this is a prob­lem.

Why is the Granger-led PNC ad­min­is­tra­tion not lever­ag­ing the di­ver­sity out of our unique dif­fer­ence to cre­ate a vil­lage of unity in di­ver­sity? How are we go­ing to mo­ti­vate the ma­jor­ity in the na­tion when 16 out of the 17 per­ma­nent sec­re­taries do not rep­re­sent them?

Mr. Har­mon is try­ing his best to wash away my po­si­tion us­ing the pow­ers of his of­fice un­der the false pre­text that the na­tion will lis­ten to him be­cause he is a Se­nior Min­is­ter, but he is be­ing in­iq­ui­tous and this strat­egy will fail.

The peo­ple have eyes and they can see, they can read and they have read my list and they are wait­ing for Mr. Har­mon’s list. The longer Mr. Har­mon takes to pub­lish his list, the greater the dam­age to his cred­i­bil­ity and once that is lost, as a hu­man be­ing, he has a prob­lem.

We can­not mold a na­tion with such a prej­u­diced pol­icy as is be­ing prac­ticed by this Granger led PNC gov­ern­ment. There needs to be more bal­ance at the top of the pub­lic ser­vice. That is all I am say­ing, so I can­not un­der­stand why Mr. Har­mon is tak­ing this is­sue so per­sonal. Un­less there is some­thing to be guilty about!

A na­tion is not molded by speeches, sym­bols, and sub­terfuge. A na­tion is molded by the sys­tems, pro­grams, and mech­a­nisms we put in place to achieve the de­sired out­come. Is Mr. Har­mon say­ing that the de­sired out­come from this Granger led PNC ad­min­is­tra­tion is eth­nic dom­i­na­tion of the lead­er­ship of the pub­lic ser­vice by his “kith and kin”?

Sase Singh, M.Sc. - Fi­nance, ACCA

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