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Honduras Tips - - BIENVENIDO * WELCOME - *Mau­ri­cio Mar­tí­nez

Hon­du­ras never cea­ses to ama­ze, and in so­me ca­ses, be­witch. Its at­trac­ti­ve des­ti­na­tions com­bi­ned with lands­ca­pes ta­ken right out of a post­card are com­ple­men­ted by a va­riety of ac­ti­vi­ties you can en­joy as a couple, among fa­mily, friends and even alo­ne! Just join a group of ad­ven­tu­rers to ma­ke your ex­pe­rien­ce mo­re en­ri­ching. If see­king that adrenaline rush, ca­nopy, raf­ting, can­yo­ning, hi­king and rap­pe­lling are so­me of the deals the country has to of­fer. To kick it up a notch sky­di­ving, ki­te fl­ying and ab­sei­ling are ac­ti­vi­ties that are gai­ning a lot of in­ter­est among tra­ve­lers. Scu­ba di­ving and snor­ke­ling are very po­pu­lar, es­pe­cially in Uti­la, Roa­tan, Gua­na­ja and Ca­yos Co­chi­nos. On th­ree of the­se is­lands mo­re ferry rou­tes ha­ve been sche­du­led bet­ween La Cei­ba and Trujillo, and even among them­sel­ves. Sin­ce Ca­yos Co­chi­nos is a pro­tec­ted area the­re are cer­tain res­tric­tions for ves­sels to gain ac­cess, which is why it is best to hi­re a tour ope­ra­tor and en­joy a bet­ter ex­pe­rien­ce. Te­la, des­pi­te of­fe­ring scu­ba di­ving for se­ve­ral years now, has gai­ned much mo­re at­ten­tion la­tely. La Cei­ba and La­go de Yo­joa pro­mo­te ad­ven­tu­re and na­tu­re ac­ti­vi­ties, in­clu­ding bird wat­ching. The lat­ter has gai­ned a sud­den boom even in the sout­hern part of Hon­du­ras. You can feast your eyes on the lo­vely ar­chi­tec­tu­re of the co­lo­nial ci­ties that ha­ve de­ligh­ted lo­cals and vi­si­tors by boas­ting their his­to­ri­cal le­gacy with great pri­de. Mo­reo­ver the Ma­ya he­ri­ta­ge, lo­ca­ted in Co­pan, which is de­cla­red a World He­ri­ta­ge Si­te by UNES­CO, is al­ways worth vi­si­ting. Re­mem­ber: “All jour­neys ha­ve se­cret des­ti­na­tions of which the tra­ve­ler is una­wa­re. “(Mar­tin Bu­ber). En­joy your ex­pe­rien­ce in Hon­du­ras!

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