Hon­du­ras is ope­ned to in­vest­ment in tou­rism

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Dear friends, Tou­rism in Hon­du­ras th­roug­hout the last four years of Go­vern­ment of the Pre­si­dent Juan Or­lan­do Her­nan­dez, has ma­de sig­ni­fi­cant pro­gress, de­mons­tra­ting its strength as an im­por­tant ge­ne­ra­tor of fo­reign ex­chan­ge to the eco­nomy of our country and the­re­fo­re, the im­pro­ve­ment in the host com­mu­ni­ties of the arri­val of tou­rists. In­no­va­ti­ve pro­mo­tio­nal cam­paigns to sti­mu­la­te do­mes­tic and fo­reign tou­rism ha­ve been laun­ched in a con­ven­tio­nal and very ex­pan­ded way in so­cial net­works, whe­re im­por­tant ac­tions ha­ve been ge­ne­ra­ted to show the best of our tou­rist des­ti­na­tions and the kind­ness of our peo­ple. Im­por­tant ad­van­ces in air con­nec­ti­vity is­sues ha­ve been do­ne, suc­cess­fully achie­ving that Air Eu­ro­pa flights ex­ten­ded their dead­li­ne to fly to the country un­til April 2018, with a high pro­ba­bi­lity that it is main­tai­ned th­roug­hout the year. Al­so ne­go­tia­tions ha­ve been ma­de with low-cost air­li­nes such as South­west and Vo­la­ris to ha­ve chea­per op­tions to vi­sit Hon­du­ras. New tou­rist pro­ducts such as the Cof­fee Rou­te and bird wat­ching, ha­ve been pro­mo­ted in the main specialized bird wat­ching fairs in the Uni­ted Sta­tes and Eu­ro­pe. A Na­tio­nal Trai­ning Stra­tegy for­mu­la­ted ba­sed on the needs of the tou­rism pri­va­te sec­tor, ready to be exe­cu­ted by the next aut­ho­ri­ties. We con­ti­nue ap­pea­ring in the main specialized tou­rism ma­ga­zi­nes and Trip Ad­vi­sor, with our is­land Roa­tán, as one of the best des­ti­na­tions to vi­sit in the world. Four na­tio­nal ae­ro­dro­mes will fa­ci­li­ta­te the mo­bi­li­za­tion of tou­rists and hi­kers who arri­ve via crui­se ships to the is­land area, in or­der to ge­ne­ra­te in­ter­est in re­tur­ning or ex­ten­ding their stay in Hon­du­ras. As a fi­nal touch of this ma­na­ge­ment, the new Law for the Pro­mo­tion of Tou­rism will allow the ge­ne­ra­tion of new in­vest­ments in the tou­rism sec­tor con­tri­bu­ting, the­reby, to ge­ne­ra­te em­ploy­ment in the main tou­rism areas of our country and at a ge­ne­ral le­vel, sin­ce the law does not dis­cri­mi­na­te neit­her pla­ce nor amount of the in­vest­ment. The Go­vern­ment of the Re­pu­blic has de­cla­red the tou­rism sec­tor as prio­rity and we ha­ve ma­na­ged to ma­te­ria­li­ze it with con­cre­te ac­tions in or­der to reach the goals that ha­ve been set by the Na­tio­nal Pro­gram of Em­ploy­ment Ge­ne­ra­tion and Eco­no­mic Growth Hon­du­ras 2020. The Hon­du­ran Ins­ti­tu­te of Tou­rism (IHT) is op­ti­mis­tic that new and bet­ter ti­mes are co­ming for the tou­rism sec­tor, and to­get­her with the tou­rism pri­va­te sec­tor, we will con­ti­nue wor­king to con­ti­nue strengt­he­ning our sec­tor and boos­ting our eco­nomy, rein­for­cing our na­tio­nal iden­tity and re­cei­ving our vi­si­tors with the warmth that cha­rac­te­ri­zes Hon­du­rans.

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