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Un nue­vo bar sam­pe­drano Rock Bar Roll ofre­ce co­mi­da, be­bi­das y por su­pues­to ex­qui­si­ta mú­si­ca ro­que­ra, con­cier­tos

tri­bu­tos y mú­si­ca en vi­vo. Abier­to de mar­tes a sá­ba­do de 5:00 PM a 2:00 AM. 21 Ave­ni­da S, San Pe­dro Su­la 21104. Tel. (504) 3150 8995.

A new Rock Bar Roll in San Pe­dro Su­la of­fers food, drinks and of cour­se great rock and roll mu­sic, tri­bu­te con­certs and li­ve mu­sic. Open Tues­day th­rough Sa­tur­day from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. 21 ave­nue S, San Pe­dro Su­la 21104. Phone (504) 3150 8995.

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