A let­ter sent to King Phi­lip II in 1576, by Diego García de Pa­la­cios an­noun­ced in Eu­ro­pe the first news about the ar­chaeo­lo­gi­cal ruins of Co­pán. García de Pa­la­cios wro­te that “On the road ( from Gua­te­ma­la) to the city of San Pe­dro, in the first town wit­hin the pro­vin­ce of Hon­du­ras, ca­lled Co­pan, the­re are cer­tain ruins and ves­ti­ges of a lar­ge po­pu­la­tion, and of mag­ni­fi­cent buil­dings, of such skill and splen­dor, that it seems that they could ne­ver ha­ve been built by the na­ti­ves ... “. The words of García de Pa­la­cios at­trac­ted the at­ten­tion of so­me ad­ven­tu­rers, ho­we­ver it was un­til 1839 that John Lloyd Step­hens and Fre­de­rick Cat­her­wood ma­de the now clas­sic ex­plo­ra­tory trip to Co­pan. Thanks to this event, fa­mous ar­chaeo­lo­gists be­gan to arri­ve, star­ting a cy­cle of re­search that con­ti­nues to da­te and has been pre­sent mo­re than a hun­dred years. The enig­ma­tic and ma­gi­cal town of Co­pan Rui­nas, lo­ca­ted in the vi­ci­nity of the Ma­yan ruins in the moun­tai­nous west of Hon­du­ras, was foun­ded as a re­sult of the arri­val of the first re­sear­chers at the end of the 19th cen­tury. It is re­gis­te­red as its foun­da­tion on Ja­nuary 1st, 1893. Cu­rrently, along with re­sear­chers, mo­re than 100,000 vi­si­tors arri­ve an­nually to ap­pre­cia­te the great­ness of the dy­nasty initia­ted by King K’inich Yax k’uk ‘Mo (Great Sun , first Quet­zal-ma­caw). Co­pán Rui­nas is the most im­por­tant cul­tu­ral des­ti­na­tion in Hon­du­ras. Its gran­deur is ad­mi­red th­roug­hout Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca and it is for this reason that most of the Cen­tral Ame­ri­can coun­tries of­fer mul­ti­ple ex­cur­sions to this em­ble­ma­tic pla­ce.

ca­da al­tar DEL par­que cuen­ta La his­to­ria de sus go­ber­nan­tes/ each al­tar tells the story of it´s go­ber­nor´s.

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