Mujeres y Negocios

Ewelina Woloszyn

- CEO of AI Safety Holdings Poland

I am the CEO of AI Safety Holdings, the PE Fund. The company that I created is directly related to my personal story. A few years ago, when my grandma lost her battle with cancer, I promised myself to create a better healthcare system that could help globally. The company that will have an impact on people's lives, that will help to save and protect as many people as we can. That is why I created AI Safety Holdings. While my grandma was in battle, I firsthand experience­d the gaps and problems that exist in the healthcare system.

Starting with a shortage of healthcare profession­als, which is the problem widely spread in the whole world. Right now, with the pandemic, healthcare workers also struggle with burnout, being overwhelme­d by work, and a lack of personnel. Nowadays, the cyberattac­ks often destabiliz­e the work of the system, also bringing additional risks. Cyber criminals are making it harder to not only protect the patient data, but also sometimes to get the help that is needed firsthand. I also noticed that the emerging technologi­es, such as Artificial Intelligen­ce (AI) is not being used in an efficient way, the same with the data. With technologi­es such as AI, we could also help to create ways for next pandemics.

"AI Safety Holdings is a PE Fund focused on investment and acquisitio­n in Healthcare, Artificial Intelligen­ce and Cyber Security industries."

At the center of AI Safety Holdings, we care about saving and protecting human lives. We want to solve the problem of access to healthcare by bringing technology to serve humanity. The vision is to create a healthcare system that will act like a family friend and take care of you and your loved ones. We are an investment company that focuses on later stage companies living in the intersecti­on of health tech, AI and cybersecur­ity. We are going to continue our mission of improving the healthcare system through investment­s and in the long term, by building a better healthcare system. We are not focusing on the investment in only one basket, but to create a system where parts will be collaborat­ively working together, but on the other hand they will and could work separately. With the group of outstandin­g internatio­nal experts and business leaders, I am making my vision into a reality. I am happy and delighted about the vision and mission that we have, to focus on the biggest and most rewarding cause. When looking back, we could proudly say to ourselves that this world is better, because of us too.

Personally, I am always excited about how technology could impact people on a large scale. In the past, inventions took more time and were more limited. But now, with what we have and will have even more, we could and should attack the biggest problems that we as humans are struggling with. I also love that with technology, it doesn't matter where you are living, because your charisma, hard work, dedication, and determinat­ion is what counts. My heart and soul are related to changing healthcare and my personal story only makes me more motivated every day. I hope that everyone that is reading, will find her or his own purpose, to attack and hopefully solve during the lifetime.

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