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Learning's fun when you’re doing it in the Maldives; a family resort has launched classes for kids (pictured)


A luxury family resort operator has launched a series of hands-on educationa­l courses for older children and teens.

The learning focuses on ecology, astronomy, geography and marine biology and is being led by the recently launched Soneva Academy.

Five of the courses will be hosted at the Maldives’ resort of Soneva Fushi and two at neighbouri­ng Soneva Jani.

Learning opportunit­ies include conducting a scientific survey, analysing findings and reading data, observing the night sky, a ‘deep-dive’ into the world of mosquitoes and how they affect the planet, how to tackle plastic pollution, using stars as a navigation system and surviving on a deserted Maldivian island. There’s even an opportunit­y to camp on an uninhabite­d island for two nights and snorkel the site of a wreck. The courses are aimed at children aged 12 years and over and more will be added in time, covering areas of expertise found at Soneva’s resorts.

According to Dr Bart Knols, managing director of Science & Conservati­on at Soneva, the academy merges the world of luxury travel with that of scholarshi­p and academic learning.

“It adds meaning to a holiday in the splendid environs of the Maldives and will hopefully contribute to developing a future generation that will harness and protect the beauty of our planet.”

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 ??  ?? Putting the fun into learning in the Maldives
Putting the fun into learning in the Maldives

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