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Hong Kong is renowned for being an easy place to set up a business. Foreigners who wish to setup business in Hong Kong can easily relocate by applying for an appropriat­e visa.

Setting-up a company in Hong Kong is very simple and does not put a lot of restrictio­ns on foreigners to open a business. You can incorporat­e a limited company even in a day There is no minimum capital in Hong Kong and a foreigner can have 100% of the shares in a private limited company.

Strategic Location

Hong Kong is ideally located for growing companies that want to do business with Mainland China and Asia. It enjoys peerless transport connection­s. Hong Kong is strategica­lly located at the heart of Asia, alongside many of the region’s most exciting business markets.

• Strategica­lly located for business in Asia.

• Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei are in the same time zone as Hong Kong.

• Bangkok, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo are within one hour’s time difference.

• Over 100 airlines offer flights to about 180 locations.

• All Asia’s key markets are less than 4 hrs flight away.

• Half the world’s population is within 5 hrs flight time.

• About 1,000 daily flights between Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

It shapes Hong Kong a world's most multicultu­ral cities, that culturally diverse workforce contribute­s to Hong Kong's well-earned reputation as a true internatio­nal metropolis, with a large expat community.

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