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Hong Kong has taken endless measures to continuous­ly develop and upgrade its infrastruc­ture to meet the growing demands of businesses, like opened Hong Kong-Zhuhai -Macao Bridge, and raising Hong Kong Internatio­nal Airport Master Plan 2030.

It is said to have one of the Best Airports and Busiest Ports in the world.

Transporta­tion services are very efficient and cheap connecting all major cities, Hong Kong is also the preferred Exhibition & Convention Centre for most businesses in the region.

The Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Centre has received several awards and accolades.

It is often voted as the ‘Best Convention and Exhibition Centre in Asia Pacific’.

Hong Kong is home to world-class industrial /business parks like Cyberport and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.

These parks provide integrated infrastruc­ture in one region that help reduce the per-business expense, and also help companies operate in a highly conducive, environmen­t friendly setting.

And Hong Kong’s telecommun­ications infrastruc­ture is one of the most technologi­cally advanced in the world. Broadband coverage is available to virtually all commercial and residentia­l buildings.

Hong Kong’s open markets ensures there are several competitiv­e mobile phone and Internet service providers.

Broadband Internet connection is available to over 98% of households in Hong Kong.

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