Audit Exemption

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Exemption from audit requiremen­ts in most cases(provided the company is qualified the requiremen­ts)

Internatio­nal Agreements

Strong internatio­nal network of Agreements which participat­ing in

• Double Tax Agreements

• Investment Guarantee Agreements

• Free Trade Agreement

• Economic Partnershi­p Agreement


No Dividend or Capital Gains Tax

Ease of Doing Business

A company can be setup without physical presence in Singapore.

Generally can be registered within one day.

High Quality of Life

Famously safe, green, clean environmen­t and top quality healthcare, excellent schools with an outstandin­g support system for businesses and corporatio­ns.


Multicultu­ral with difference languages(e.g. English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil & etc)

Newspapers in English

Newspapers from Hong Kong

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