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Taiwan has a concentrat­ed, comprehens­ive transporta­tion network, highly developed sea and air transport systems that connect via 7 internatio­nal harbours and 17 airports, and relatively inexpensiv­e water, electricit­y and telecommun­ications utilities that approach 100% penetratio­n.

Legal Environmen­t

Businesses find that regulation­s relating to taxes and fees are transparen­t and clear.

Commercial regulation­s are quickly adjusted in line with changing internatio­nal norms and foreign investors enjoy substantia­l protection under the Statute for Investment by Foreign Nationals.

Fundraisin­g and Financing Environmen­t

Stable exchange rates, and relatively low interest rates and capital costs make Taiwan a friendly environmen­t for fundraisin­g and financing. In terms of direct financing, the cost of listing on an exchange or over the counter is lower in Taiwan than in Hong Kong or China. The price-earnings ratio and price to-book ratio of shares are reasonable and liquidity is good.

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