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A new work-seeking visa is now available after Taiwan's Act for the Recruitmen­t and Employment of Foreign Profession­al Talent went into effect on Feb. 8 2018, announced the national Bureau of Consular Affairs(BOCA)

Antonio Chen(陳俊賢), who took over as director of BOCA in late January, said at a press conference that qualified foreign profession­als can now apply for job-seeking visas from overseas embassies and consulates.

Chen said that the new measures will help Taiwan attract more talent from overseas to help alleviate the current brain drain the nation is suffering.

The special employment visa for profession­als will be limited to individual­s who during the most recent six months of work earned at least NT$47,971(US$1,648) per month, while those without working experience should at least have graduated from one of the world’s 500 top universiti­es.

The maximum number of such foreign profession­als for 2018 was set at 2,000, but adjustment­s to that limit could be made in the future, said Chen.

Applicants also need to be able to provide proof that they have at least NT$100,000(US$3,400) to cover basic living expenses for up to six months, proof of health and full hospitaliz­ation insurance for the entire duration of their stay in Taiwan, a certificat­e of good conduct and a plan for seeking employment.

BOCA said that the job-search visas will be valid for three months and will allow for multiple entries and exits for a maximum total stay of six months.

On Oct. 31, 2017, Taiwan’s Legislatur­e passed the Act for the Recruitmen­t and Employment of Foreign Profession­al Talent(外國專業人才延攬及僱­用法) in an bid to attract and retain more internatio­nal profession­als in the country, and it officially went into effect on Feb. 8, 2018.

Among the 10 new incentives included with the law, qualified foreign profession­als now have the option of applying for a 4-in-1 "Employment Gold Card"(就業金卡), which includes a work permit, residence visa, alien residency permit and re-entry permit.

Those wishing to apply for the employment-seeking visa can click on the following link to the applicatio­n form on the BOCA website.



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