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AUDEMARS PIGUET Although seemingly straightfo­rward, the Code 11.59 collection is anything but


For years, Audemars Piguet and Royal Oak have been synonymous, but things took a turn with the Code 11.59, a completely new watch collection that’s arguably the brand’s most significan­t product launch in the past two decades. The Code 11.59 – the collection comprises six models – is a round watch, but one with numerous twists. Its octagonal case middle is reminiscen­t of the Royal Oak’s bezel and is a nod to the brand’s heritage of experiment­ation with shapes; the octagon’s sides are each divided into three facets, which are either polished or linearly brushed. The sapphire crystal is also unusual, in that the top surface is curved on two axes to resemble a saddle – a detail that’s only revealed when the watch is seen from the side. And then there are the lugs, which are attached to the casing only at the top; the lower ones float freely, with the tiniest gap showcasing the close manufactur­ing tolerances.

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