Drac­ula ant sets fastest an­i­mal record

China Daily - - MOSAIC -

Ac­cord­ing to a new study, the Drac­ula ant, Mys­trium camil­lae, can snap its mandibles at speeds of up to 90 me­ters per sec­ond, mak­ing it the fastest crea­ture move­ment on record. Un­like trap-jaw ants, whose pow­er­ful jaws snap close from an open po­si­tion, Drac­ula ants power up their mandibles by press­ing the tips to­gether, spring-load­ing them with in­ter­nal stresses that are re­leased when one mandible slides across the other, sim­i­lar to a hu­man fin­ger snap, re­searchers said.

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