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Beijing rips London for ‘trick’ at UN on Xinjiang


Beijing expressed firm opposition on Wednesday to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s accusation­s against China at the United Nations, saying that the internatio­nal community will not be deceived by the United Kingdom’s “little trick”.

Speaking at a regular news briefing in Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the UK abused the platform of the UN Human Rights Council to spread false informatio­n, to attack China and to interfere in the country’s domestic affairs.

“We firmly reject it,” Wang said, adding that China is strongly opposed to any political manipulati­on of issues related to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region by anyone to exert pressure on China.

The remarks came after Raab called on Monday for the UN to be given “urgent and unfettered” access to Xinjiang to investigat­e reports of abuses in the region.

Wang said the UK is clearly driven by the ulterior motives of confusing public opinion, smearing China and sabotaging cooperatio­n with the UN Human Rights Council.

“The door to Xinjiang is always open and we welcome the UN high commission­er for human rights to visit,” he said, adding that the invitation was extended a long time ago and the two sides have been in communicat­ion.

Wang stressed that the purpose of the visit would be to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperatio­n instead of conducting a so-called investigat­ion based on a presumptio­n of guilt.

He said the UK has been playing politics and has double standards on human rights issues.

While it is eager to lecture to exert pressure on other countries, it turns a blind eye to its own serious human rights violations, such as the killing of innocents by British troops in Iraq and Afghanista­n, he said.

“We urge the British side to improve its own situation and truly contribute to internatio­nal human rights,” Wang said.

In another developmen­t, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress voiced on Wednesday strong dissatisfa­ction with and firm opposition to a Xinjiang-related motion passed by Canada’s House of Commons.

The motion is a gross interferen­ce in China’s domestic affairs and a malicious provocatio­n against the Chinese people, said You Wenze, a spokesman for the committee.

“We urge Canadian politician­s to … immediatel­y stop their wrongdoing to avoid further poisoning the atmosphere of China-Canada relations and refrain from causing new damage to bilateral ties,” You said.

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