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China underscore­s support for developing nations


Underlinin­g Beijing’s commitment to support fellow developing nations, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said China will “always bear empathy and share destiny with developing countries”.

Wang made the remarks when meeting the media alongside Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra during an official visit to the North African country on Monday.

Fifty years ago, a large number of developing countries such as Algeria played a key role in helping the People’s Republic of China achieve its return to the United Nations.

In 1971, countries including Algeria proposed and supported the UN General Assembly Resolution 2758, which restored all rights to the People’s Republic of China.

In recalling how the resolution was passed with an overwhelmi­ng majority, Wang said the action was “a vivid portrayal of the unity and cooperatio­n between China and (fellow) developing countries”.

Wang said his visit this week gave him a chance to once again express Beijing’s heartfelt thanks to Algeria and all friends from other countries who “withstood pressure, upheld justice and firmly supported China at that time”.

In the past 50 years, China has lived up to the high expectatio­ns of fellow developing countries and supported them with votes at the UN, while developing countries’ support for China’s core interests has never been absent as well, he said.

“When poor and backward, China tightened its belt to support developing countries. China, which is accelerati­ng its developmen­t today, will make greater contributi­ons to promoting the well-being of developing countries,” Wang said.

Over the past 50 years, the United Nations has seen the entry of a further 65 member states, the vast majority of them developing countries.

Standing firm

In future, China will unite closer with developing countries, including Algeria, to stand firm in face of power politics and difficulti­es, resolutely defend the norms of independen­t sovereignt­y and noninterfe­rence in internal affairs, as well as oppose hegemony and power politics, Wang said.

Also, Beijing will work with developing countries to further safeguard the legitimate rights of, and developmen­t space for, developing countries, and boost their voice in internatio­nal governance, he added.

China will carry forward the common values of humanity — peace, developmen­t, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom — while practicing true multilater­alism and jointly building a community with a shared future for mankind, Wang said.

Lamamra told reporters that China is a representa­tive of developing countries and nonaligned nations, and is a partner of African and Arab countries.

China, by effectivel­y playing its role, helps internatio­nal relations achieve democratiz­ation and make the world more balanced, and Algeria expects China to play a greater role in the UN and its Security Council, he said.

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