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Xi stresses mutual assistance, win-win cooperatio­n


President Xi Jinping has underlined the importance of mutual assistance and win-win cooperatio­n in enabling all mankind to share the results of human developmen­t, saying that China has taken concrete actions to promote the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Xi made the remarks in a letter of reply to students and teachers at a secondary school in Malta that was made public on Tuesday.

The president said in the letter that seeking the common interests of all and promoting peace among all nations has been a long-held aspiration of the Chinese nation for human society, adding that it is also the cultural root of the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

“We live in a world where history and reality meet, where opportunit­ies and challenges coexist, and where humanity as a whole rises or falls together. Countries must assist each other in times of need and choose winwin cooperatio­n if we are to share in the fruits of developmen­t,” he added.

China has proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Developmen­t Initiative and the Global Security Initiative in order to build up consensus and strength in solving global challenges for growth and security, he added.

In a letter to Xi recently, the students and teachers of St Margaret College Secondary School in Malta, who participat­ed in an initiative known as the China Corner, expressed their fondness for Chinese culture and spoke positively of the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind and the BRI.

Through cooperatio­n with the China Cultural Center in Malta and with the support of the Education Ministry of Malta, Maltese teacher Martin Azzopardi set up a China Corner in his classroom at the school in 2010 and the initiative has been going on since then.

The China Corner has been teaching science, through the introducti­on of Chinese culture to students by creating a bridge between scientific knowledge and Chinese culture, science and technology.

In his letter, Xi commended the initiative for bolstering the understand­ing of young people in Malta about China and promoting bilateral friendship.

He expressed his hope that the initiative can attain greater success and he welcomed the students and teachers to visit China for study and exchanges.

He noted that this year marks the 50th anniversar­y of the establishm­ent of diplomatic ties between China and Malta, and these ties have become a model for friendship between countries with different histories and cultures.

The president called on more young people from the country to promote mutual learning and friendship between the two nations.

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