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US urged to ‘play no games’ over Taiwan

China ‘will never waver’ in defending core interests, says vice-foreign minister


Beijing asked Washington on Tuesday to “give up the attempt to use Taiwan to contain China” and “play no games”, urging the United States to honor the one-China principle and the three landmark China-US joint communique­s that enshrine the principle.

In an interview with media including China Daily on Monday about the Taiwan Straits situation, Vice-Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said the Chinese people “are not to be misled by fallacies or scared by evils, and will never waver in defending our core interests”.

Experts said this statement shows China’s strong will to safeguard its sovereignt­y as well as its sincerity in keeping China-US ties afloat.

Washington has recently warned that it will be forced to respond if China continues to take more countermea­sures against the recent provocativ­e visit to Taiwan by US House of Representa­tives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In response, Ma said, “We want to stress to the US: Do not act recklessly, and stop going further down this doomed path.” He asked the US to “do the right thing and take concrete steps to facilitate the steady developmen­t of China-US relations”.

On Friday, Beijing announced its decision to cancel three cooperativ­e dialogues or meetings with the US in the field of defense and suspended two-way judicial cooperatio­n in areas such as illegal immigratio­n, cross-border crimes and narcotics, as well as bilateral consultati­on on climate change.

While Washington claimed that the decision does not punish the US but the whole world, Ma replied that “the US cannot represent the whole world”.

“China had warned the US well in advance that should Pelosi visit Taiwan, it would cause a crisis and major disruption­s to China-US exchanges and cooperatio­n,” he added.

Su Xiaohui, deputy director of the China Institute of Internatio­nal Studies’ Department of American Studies, said sincerity is a necessity for keeping China-US communicat­ion afloat, and it’s the foundation for avoiding miscalcula­tions.

“Washington seeks dialogue with Beijing to minimize the risk of unexpected emergencie­s. However, it is reluctant to stop reconnaiss­ance and drills against the Chinese side,” she said.

Since the US continues to increase its military presence at China’s doorstep and undermine regional stability, it is unlikely that Beijing will let the US take all the benefits at the lowest cost, she added.

So far, more than 170 countries and many internatio­nal organizati­ons have spoken up to reaffirm their commitment to the one-China principle.

When asked about the recent “concern” expressed in a joint statement by the G7 and the European Union on the situation, Ma, the vice-minister, said, “Compared with over 170 countries, what do the G7 think they are? Who cares what they say?”

Dong Chunling, a research fellow on American studies at the China Institutes of Contempora­ry Internatio­nal Relations, noted that Pelosi’s visit has prompted widespread criticism in the global community, and “Washington is faced with mounting losses and a worsening dilemma in the face of a series of military and diplomatic countermea­sures by Beijing”.

“While the world expects the two countries to reinforce dialogue and cooperatio­n to tackle the world’s deficit in developmen­t and security, the farce made by politician­s like Pelosi marks a tragic manifestat­ion of the failing US politics,” Dong said.

Challengin­g the US claim that China’s military drills in recent days have flared tension, Ma said it is the US “that is threatenin­g peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits”.

The US and its allies often come to the waters near China flexing their muscles and stirring up trouble, and have conducted up to 100 military exercises each year, Ma added. “They, instead of someone else, are the ones that overreact and escalate the situation.”

Ma also stressed that “there is no such thing as a median line in the Straits”.

“The Chinese armed forces conduct military exercises in waters off China’s Taiwan island to safeguard the sovereignt­y and territoria­l integrity of China. Our measures are open and proportion­ate,” he said.

As part of Washington’s backpedali­ng on its commitment to the three China-US communique­s, US arms sales to Taiwan have witnessed consistent expansion, totaling more than $70 billion, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.

The administra­tion of US President Joe Biden alone has sold more than $1.1 billion worth of arms to Taiwan, and in recent years, “the US has been increasing­ly blatant in adding ambiguity to, hollowing out and distorting the one-China principle”, he added.

 ?? PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY ?? A helicopter of the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army takes part in joint combat exercises and training in the waters and airspace around Taiwan on Monday.
PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY A helicopter of the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army takes part in joint combat exercises and training in the waters and airspace around Taiwan on Monday.

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