China Daily

Crackdown ramped up on cryptocurr­ency


China’s internet watchdog on Tuesday said it had intensifie­d a crackdown on illegal online informatio­n that may lead to cryptocurr­ency speculatio­n and fraud. The crackdown, which began earlier this year, is aimed at protecting the public, according to the Cyberspace Administra­tion of China. Urging leading online platforms to fulfill their responsibi­lities toward the content they provide, the administra­tion has shut down 989 accounts on Weibo, WeChat and Baidu, which misled internet users into investing in cryptocurr­encies, as well as other virtual or digital assets. Working in conjunctio­n with other authoritie­s, the administra­tion shut down 105 websites that hyped cryptocurr­ency or contained informatio­n concerning cross-border speculatio­n and the mining of cryptocurr­ency.

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