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Researcher­s name over 100 new species


Australia’s national science agency has revealed that it named and described more than 100 new species over the last year in a “win for biodiversi­ty”. Researcher­s from the Commonweal­th Scientific and Industrial Research Organisati­on, or CSIRO, in Canberra, identified 139 new species and described them in scientific journals over the last 12 months. The tally consists of 131 insects and invertebra­tes, four fish, three plants and one frog species. Among the newly discovered insects is an ant species that can protect one of Australia’s rarest butterfly species. The CSIRO said approximat­ely 25 percent of Australia’s species are known to science. David Yeates, a CSIRO entomologi­st, said officially describing species was key to protecting Australia’s biodiversi­ty.

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