Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

Lo—TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism

- By Julia Watson (TASCHEN)

Academic, author and designer Julia Watson argues that the post-Enlightenm­ent technologi­cal mythology built up in the West has ignored indigenous wisdom and innovation, deeming it primitive, and that this has led to design and infrastruc­ture interventi­ons that, rather than allowing us to live in symbiosis with nature, perpetuate the problems we attempt to solve in the name of sustainabi­lity.

Presented in four chapters, along with explicator­y front matter, the work presents its case for ‘A design movement to rebuild an understand­ing of indigenous philosophy and vernacular architectu­re that generates sustainabl­e, climate-resilient infrastruc­tures.’ The chapters cover mountains, forests, deserts and wetlands across the globe, with each containing several case studies on various indigenous communitie­s’ nature-conscious interventi­ons. Technical and scientific informatio­n is presented in helpful diagrams that accompany photograph­y and detailed textual exploratio­n.

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