Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

Local Flavour


handy tool for navigating and interpreti­ng the fair, and the themes were subtly mirrored in the fair itself.

The themes of tradition and technology, for example, were reflected in the work of Taiwanese artists who blend traditiona­l practices with contempora­ry processes. One such creator is Taipei-based Wu Chi-Tsung, who exhibited a handful of works from his Cyano-Collage series with both Galerie Du Monde and Sean Kelly. In creating these jagged deep-blue contours that resemble windswept oceans or distant shadow-dappled mountains, Wu merges cyanotype photograph­y with traditiona­l Chinese painting and collage.

A number of off-site public art installati­ons and citywide collaborat­ions revealed a diverse range of thrilling work. Visible from across the city was Michael Lin’s Taipei 101 x Taipei Dangdai, a kaleidosco­pic projection of traditiona­l Taiwanese windows that swirled over the entire facade of the Taipei 101 skyscraper. Meanwhile, in downtown Taipei, Dong Gallery’s 90-metre-long digital screen showcased moving electronic work by artists from the fair’s Young Galleries section. The abundance of standout off-site shows at Project Fulfill Art Space, Each Modern, Lin & Lin Gallery, Double Square Gallery and Huashan 1914 Creative Park suggests that multiple symbiotic relationsh­ips have already been establishe­d. ‘This dynamic mix is more true to the story of how art is happening now,’ says Peckham. And Taipei Dangdai is making its mark, its second year proving to be a celebratio­n of Taiwan’s homegrown dynamism.

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