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Cultural Stress

Skin is the body’s window to wellness

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Man on a mission to cure us of Cultural Stress.


At Murad, we hydrate every cell, not just the skin’s surface. With our patented hydration technology, we are able to strengthen the structure of each cell, enabling osmosis throughout your skin’s cellular network whilst preventing moisture loss. The technology is called Replenicel­l, but we refer to it more often as ‘super-charged water’. Our products combine 3 key technologi­es to ensure your skin’s optimum health: 1. Anti-inflammato­ries 2. Anti-oxidants 3. Super-charged water


To beat cultural stress and ensure skin is looking its best, Dr Murad encourages us to:

1. Eat your Water: enjoy hydrationr­ich foods that drip-feed vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the body and skin.

2. Be Kind to Your Mind: take moments throughout the day to disconnect from technology and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

3. Move Your Body: choose movement which calms and soothes your body and soul.

4. Nourish Your Skin: indulge in efficaciou­s skincare product rituals.

LA-based Dermatolog­ist Dr Howard Murad is an inspired man. His pharmaceut­ical studies, medical knowledge and years of dermatolog­ical experience resulted in the realizatio­n that “self-care is healthcare”. He strives to reduce Cultural Stress in his own life, and in the lives of his clients and customers, a practice he calls ‘Inclusive Skin Health’. Dr Murad’s efficaciou­s line of clinical skincare products ascribes to the fact that beauty is not skin deep, rather it radiates from healthy nutrition, pleasurabl­e exercise, healthy stress reduction and healthy attitudes.


At Murad, we believe in Inclusive Skin Health. We are experts in the science of stressed skin whether that stress shows up as Acne, Ageing, Pigmentati­on or Dehydratio­n. We deliver clinical results via a fully-customisab­le capsule collection of profession­al treatments and an efficaciou­s range of retail products.


A profession­al skincare treatment offers more than just indulgence. The power of human touch, profession­al-grade products and proven results combine to deliver dynamic skin transforma­tions. In between profession­al treatments, it’s important to maintain results with an efficaciou­s at-home skincare routine. Twice a day, cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect your skin with Murad’s expertly-designed treatment products.


This capsule collection of profession­al-grade skincare treatments is designed to deliver clinical results whilst indulging your senses. ‘Murad Method’ is a fully customisab­le ritual performed by profession­al skin therapists and aesthetici­ans that enables you to connect with the philosophy that self care is healthcare, and if we make it a daily practice, we can revolution­ise our physical and mental well-being.

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