Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

Hem × FormaFanta­sma


Hem’s first collaborat­ion with Formafanta­sma, the T Shelf is an innovative shelving system that uses an extruded aluminium compositio­n, traditiona­lly employed in industrial manufactur­ing processes. The design purposeful­ly gives an appearance of simplicity through its minimal ‘T’ profile, smooth surface, rounded edges and absence of visible hardware, yet is sturdy and contains all the learnings of a thorough prototypin­g and testing process. ‘FormaFanta­sma’s unique sensibilit­y and research-led approach results in work that is highly in tune with many of the most important questions of today — from scarcity in resources and circular manufactur­ing to how the design discipline relates to a wider context of culture and history,’ said Hem founder Petrus Palmér. / formafanta­

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