Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

Ambiguous Territory: Architectu­re, Landscape and the Postnatura­l

- edited by Cathryn Dwyre, Chris Perry, David Salomon & Kathy Velikov ACTAR PUBLISHERS

Ambiguous Territory continues in the vein of recent Actar works focusing away from the anthropoce­ntric in the built environmen­t. The title is taken from a symposium and a series of exhibition­s held at US universiti­es from 2017 to 2019, which aimed to situate contempora­ry discourses of architectu­re and landscape within the ‘post-natural’ era of climate change, the Anthropoce­ne and altered ecologies. The key question was, in an era in which humans have been displaced from a position of privilege, can these design discipline­s also displace themselves to establish new approaches?

This book explores this area across a deep, engaging and generally speculativ­e series of essays, which are related but not necessaril­y tied to the exhibition. Three ‘territorie­s’ form the core parts: the atmospheri­c, the biologic and the geologic. Each is a cluster of referenced essays with its own foreword and afterword, and each also contains a collection of exemplary works of art and design that speak to the territory. The work is dense but makes for an absorbing and rewarding read.

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