Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

Architectu­res of Dismantlin­g and Restructur­ing: Spaces of Danish Welfare 1970–Present

- edited by Kirsten Marie Raahauge, Deane Simpson, Martin Søberg & Katrine Lotz LARS MÜLLER PUBLISHERS

This work grew out of a cross-disciplina­ry research project that began in 2017, and is the project’s main publicatio­n. With the understand­ing that welfare is fundamenta­lly spatial, the researcher­s’ initial hypothesis was that welfare spaces could be understood through their transforma­tions concerning scale and distributi­on. And while the project began with a focus on the classical ‘pillars’ of welfare (such as housing and social security) and their changes after the post-war golden era, the project team found that it encompasse­s climate change, infrastruc­ture, security, pandemic effects and other matters, which are transformi­ng the ‘spaces’ of welfare and the welfare discourse.

The ambitious volume tackles these weighty ideas across the themes of security, adaptabili­ty and community, with chapters on each containing multiple essays drawing on anthropolo­gy, architectu­re, urban planning and art history. Visualisat­ions are a major component, with more than 100 graphical figures covering spatial developmen­ts in Copenhagen and the country as a whole, from the societal and political to the personal. While focused on one country, the book is intended to provide a case study, and will make a useful resource for designers and policy makers alike.

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