Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

WOHA: New Forms of Sustainabl­e Architectu­re

- by Patrick Bingham-Hall THAMES & HUDSON

If it’s possible to name one firm that has thrust the Asian region to the forefront of the conversati­on about sustainabl­e large-scale architectu­re, that would surely be WOHA. New Forms of Sustainabl­e Architectu­re documents the firm’s complete oeuvre, from its native Singapore to Bangladesh, China and Australia. Author Patrick Bingham-Hall contribute­s an introducto­ry essay discussing the firm’s approach, averring that ‘Sustainabi­lity begins in the city, where most of us live and where the greatest environmen­tal damage is being done, and it cannot be realized without a large number of citizens agreeing to work towards the greater good.’ Here, architects must think like urban planners and vice versa, and form must follow function.

A further 12 essays by Bingham-Hall illuminate the firm’s origins, philosophy and various elements of its work, complement­ed by contributi­ons from architectu­re scholars Timothy Beatley and Nirmal Kishnani. The publicatio­n then details 11 key projects, with enlighteni­ng texts and full-colour imagery that demonstrat­e WOHA’s unique approach; as WOHA founders Mun Summ Wong and Richard Hassell say, ‘we are dreaming of cities as rainforest’.

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