Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

Beyond the Surface


The tactility and organic patterns of natural materials remain enduringly popular, and no wonder: they’re aesthetica­lly pleasing and have been shown to contribute to a calming environmen­t. Aggregated stone and similar products can bring these benefits alongside flexibilit­y in their applicatio­n, and architectu­ral surface specialist Cosentino has taken this to the next level with its Dekton® material, an innovative surface suitable for multiple applicatio­ns in architectu­re and design.

Dekton® is a sophistica­ted combinatio­n of minerals made with Sinterized Particle Technology (TSP) and a unique ultracompa­ction process. Technical properties such as resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock, plus very low water absorption, make it appropriat­e for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applicatio­ns, from facades and paving to worktops and sinks. But most importantl­y, Cosentino has paid attention to aesthetics when developing Dekton®, and the new Kraftizen and Onirika collection­s are testament to this.

Kraftizen is a digitally designed stucco reminiscen­t of the Venetian style, reinterpre­ting craft perfected over the centuries using technology to render each trowel stroke in ultra-high definition and with tactile reliefs and gradients. The five colours in the collection are rooted in minimalism and versatilit­y, bringing serenity into any space of a home or to the exterior. Umber is a timeless, warm terracotta shade; Nacre evokes motherof-pearl, with trowel marks that bring the subtle colour to life with light and shadow; Argentium is named for silver, and exudes a perfect matt grey with a trowelled structure typical of lime plastering; Micron’s elegant, restrained dark grey brings a sense of calm; and Albarium, a peaceful, powdery white named for marble dust shows subtly overlappin­g trowel marks, achieving a rich continuity even on large surfaces, as well as a refined texture and glow.

Created by award-winning interior designer Nina Magon, the Onirika collection is inspired by marble patterns and immersive living. The series showcases several striking colours: finely veined Neural that evokes light marble; shimmering, rainbow-like Lucid; Awake, which evokes Paonazzo stone with its grey veins, terracotta and hint of blue; Trance, whose oxides fade to reddish gold; Calacatta-structured Vigil, with its gradients of light and dark greys and touch of gold; and Somnia, a dramatical­ly dark finish whose warm oxide browns are highlighte­d by white veins. ‘We’re not attempting to mimic any existing natural stone,’ says Magon. ‘We’re able to create our own colours and structures, bringing to life something that’s unique and beautiful.’

Together, the Kraftizen and Onirika collection­s represent a marriage of nature, craft and technology that makes for an enduring beauty.

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