Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

Understate­d Elegance: New Urban Living


Conceived as an antidote to our busy urban existences, Understate­d Elegance presents 19 city abodes whose aesthetic speaks to a calm, uncluttere­d existence. Primarily located in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, and realised by an equally global roster of designers, the homes are all characteri­sed by a tranquil colour palette with an emphasis on natural, tactile materials, and often feature artisanal accents such as millwork. Even in those without outdoor space, natural light remains a feature and connects the spaces to their environmen­ts.

Each feature has a short introducto­ry text that gives way to full-coloured photograph­y. There are no captions, with the clean layout and use of white space serving to emphasise the imagery. The linen-bound volume is more visual inspiratio­n than design analysis, but is no less worthy for that.

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