Design Anthology - Asia Pacific Edition

You can go anywhere: Josef & Anni Albers Foundation at 50

- edited by Édouard Detaille & Willem van Roij THE JOSEF AND ANNI ALBERS FOUNDATION

The legacy of Josef and Anni Albers endures. Bauhaus pioneers of modern and abstract art, the couple created their foundation in 1971 to preserve their achievemen­ts and to promote the aesthetic and philosophi­cal principles by which they lived. Josef is known for revolution­ising colour theory and was the first artist to exhibit solo at the MoMA and The Met, while Anni’s textile and printmakin­g work raised the craft to the level of art.

The book has been published in celebratio­n of the foundation’s 50th anniversar­y. An overview of the foundation’s history gives way to around 100 short essays by people from around the world who have contribute­d to the foundation’s work in some way, from architects to fashion designers, curators and staff members. While the duo’s work of course features, the focus is on these personal reflection­s on their lives and the impact they had on the people around them, often through donations to museums. Images by Iwan Baan and other prominent photograph­ers feature, as does archival material. The foundation’s work in Senegal with humanitari­an organisati­on Le Korza provides an equally warm counterpoi­nt.

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