My phi­los­o­phy on the short game is to al­ways pick the sim­plest shot avail­able. There’s no point play­ing a flashy flop from the fringe when a sim­ple bump-and-run will do the job nicely. I use this shot when­ever I can since the method is easy to learn and re­peat. It’s a great shot for am­a­teurs to learn be­cause it gets the ball on to the ground quickly where it can roll to­wards the hole with­out too much spin. It’s ba­si­cally a long putt with an iron. Here’s how to play it. I like to play the ball back in my stance off my back foot and push my hands for­wards to­wards the tar­get. This takes the un­nec­es­sary hand ac­tion out of the shot. The first step in mas­ter­ing this shot is know­ing which club to se­lect. Choose a club that will carry on to the green and then roll out along the ground to the flag. It may look like I’m tak­ing the club away with my hands and arms here but, in re­al­ity, I’m con­trol­ling the move­ment with my shoul­ders – as I would with a putt. Play­ing the ball back in the stance also gives me the feel­ing that the club is go­ing to work slightly in­side go­ing back. This en­sures that I don’t cre­ate too much spin. The se­cret to play­ing this shot well is keep­ing it sim­ple. As you rock your shoul­ders back and forth, sim­ply al­low your hands to lead the club­head through im­pact. Through im­pact you just want to en­sure that you keep the club­head mov­ing to­wards the tar­get. Avoid de­cel­er­at­ing through im­pact at all costs.

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