Fol­low my three key tips to hit con­sis­tent chip, pitch and splash shots


Al­ways check the lie of your ball be­fore you even think about how you’re go­ing to play a short-range shot. When­ever you see a top player pre­pare to hit a chip shot, the first thing you’ll al­ways see them do is take a very close look at how the ball is sit­ting. The qual­ity of the lie will in­flu­ence not just your club se­lec­tion, but the type of shot you can play.

Which­ever shot I’m look­ing to play from within 100 yards or so of the green, I’m usu­ally look­ing for a ver­ti­cal at­tack an­gle with the shaft through im­pact. When I’ve got the club in that po­si­tion I’m mak­ing full use of the loft on the club and I won’t have to ma­nip­u­late the club­face through im­pact. The only ex­cep­tion to this is when I want to hit a bump-and-run. Then I’ll have the shaft lean­ing more to­wards the tar­get.

Per­haps the most im­por­tant rule of all for the short game is to ac­cel­er­ate the club­head through the ball. That’s Phil’s mantra, too. If your hands stop mov­ing, your wrists will in­stinc­tively flip at the ball to cre­ate the speed and you can hit all types of bad shots. I like to con­trol most short-range shots with my up­per body in­stead of re­ly­ing on my hands.

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