Go Rogue!

Jail­break dis­tance with in­creased for­give­ness


To dra­mat­i­cally change driver per­for­mance, a com­pany has to dra­mat­i­cally change driver dy­nam­ics. That’s what in­spired Call­away’s R&D de­part­ment to break away from their own in­dus­try and lead­ing met­al­wood de­sign pro­to­col, to once again re-in­vent the driver. Tak­ing the rev­o­lu­tion­ary tech­nolo­gies that made GBB Epic one of the best-sell­ing driv­ers in the US* and su­per­charged them to cre­ate Rogue, a driver that com­bines all they know about boost­ing ball speed with a new, Moi-en­hanc­ing shape that de­liv­ers ex­tra­or­di­nary for­give­ness.

In­dus­try-lead­ing ball speed comes from what Call­away calls “The Jail­break Ef­fect.” First, they en­hanced the rev­o­lu­tion­ary Jail­break tech­nol­ogy with new, hour­glass-shaped ti­ta­nium bars, mak­ing them sig­nif­i­cantly lighter with­out af­fect­ing their abil­ity to min­i­mize crown and sole de­flec­tion at im­pact. That al­lows for a thin­ner face and bet­ter en­er­gy­trans­fer to the golf ball, to pro­mote faster ball speed. Next, Call­away’s en­hanced X-face ar­chi­tec­ture thick­ens and thins strate­gic ar­eas of the face to pro­mote higher ball speeds on off-cen­tre im­pacts and con­sis­tently high ball speed and long dis­tance over­all.

Rogue’s new and more for­giv­ing 460cc shape boasts a larger ad­dress foot­print than Epic, en­cour­ag­ing golfers to re­lax, cut loose and make a

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