Isn’t the Co­bra F-max a draw driver, too?


Draw driv­ers have come a long way over the last two years. So much so that for 2018 each of the “big three” brands – Call­away, Tay­lor­made and Ping – has pro­duced their lead­ing model in a draw ver­sion, too. If you’re the sort of golfer who’s turned their nose up to draw driv­ers be­fore, re­mem­ber they aren’t just for slicers. They’re ac­tu­ally great at im­prov­ing ball speeds for heel strik­ers, too, as the ex­tra weight in line with those strike lo­ca­tions means the head twists less at im­pact, los­ing less en­ergy. This is how the best com­pare.

Ea­gle-eyed gear nuts might be won­der­ing why we’ve not in­cluded Co­bra’s F-max draw driver in our test… well we did, but the re­sults weren’t quite what we ex­pected. It didn’t need the brain power of Ein­stein to work out that the Co­bra is aimed at a very dif­fer­ent au­di­ence to the draw mod­els from Call­away, Tay­lor­made and Ping. Even at Si­mon’s av­er­age swing speed, the F-max launched shots four de­grees higher, with 2,500rpm more back­spin than av­er­age. That meant shots flew high, but not very far. Throw in the fact the Co­bra doesn’t have an ad­justable hosel and only comes in a sin­gle shaft op­tion and you can see we were not the tar­get golfer for this model. This ab­so­lutely doesn’t mean the F-max is a bad driver; in fact, it’s very nicely set up thanks to the off­set hosel and thicker grip to per­form for the se­nior golfers who re­ally could do with gen­er­at­ing more air time to max­imise dis­tance.

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