So does Twist Face ac­tu­ally work?


It’s the mil­lion-dol­lar ques­tion, and be­cause Tay­lor­made reckon it can make the fair­way up to 11 yards wider we set our­selves the goal of find­ing out by us­ing data. There’s only one launch mon­i­tor on the mar­ket that can ac­cu­rately mea­sure and record im­pact lo­ca­tions for where shots hit the club­face, so Fore­sight Sports’ GC Quad was our nat­u­ral choice.

Once all three testers had hit each driver, Si­mon Daddow sep­a­rated ev­ery shot into the quad­rant (on the face) where im­pact oc­curred (shots on cen­tre lines were re­moved). It was a case of good old pen and pa­per, plenty of cof­fee and dust­ing off the cal­cu­la­tor, as the plot­ting and av­er­ag­ing took some se­ri­ous time. But with ev­ery im­pact safely po­si­tioned within a face quad­rant we worked out an av­er­age (of all the driv­ers ex­cept the Tay­lor­made’s) and a Tay­lor­made av­er­age, to see how Twist Face per­formed. The re­sults are be­low. Just to re­cap, Tay­lor­made say Twist Face in­creases back­spin for high toe shots, keep­ing them in the air for longer. Low heel im­pacts (which are higher spin­ning) should have less spin, im­prov­ing ac­cu­racy and carry.


Data can’t lie, and across the board our data sup­ports Tay­lor­made. High toe shots were a lit­tle faster, launched a frac­tion higher, span a lit­tle more and car­ried six yards fur­ther. Sim­i­larly, low heel shots launched with more ball speed, less back­spin and were five yards longer than av­er­age. It’s im­pos­si­ble to prove ac­cu­racy – just be­cause we hit shots into a tiny dis­per­sion cir­cle doesn’t mean you will. But check out the sidespin num­bers from both high toe and low-heel strikes. They’re frac­tion­ally lower with the Tay­lor­mades, which would mean bet­ter ac­cu­racy. Does it mean you’ll hit ev­ery fair­way? Of course not, the gains are small. But if it helps us find one more fair­way a round, we’d want that ad­van­tage stacked in our favour.

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