Look­ing through our data there seems to be a real pat­tern be­tween face tech that goes all-out chas­ing bet­ter roll per­for­mance, and those that fo­cus on im­prov­ing dis­tance con­trol or feel. Mod­els which tar­get roll (the Odyssey Oworks and Taylormade Pure Roll) seem to de­liver more top­spin, be­cause the grooves grip the ball into a bet­ter ini­tial ac­tion at im­pact. But they don’t al­ways re­duce skid. Oth­ers that use grooves to im­prove feel and max­imise dis­tance con­trol ap­pear to skid less. In re­al­ity, we reckon you need a de­cent blend of both to find the best per­form­ing model for you.

Only one in­sert finds it­self within the top two mod­els for both top­spin and skid and that’s the Taylormade Pure Roll, which is se­ri­ously im­pres­sive. It prob­a­bly goes some way to ex­plain­ing why Taylormade put­ters are cur­rently so pop­u­lar with tons of tour play­ers.

Don’t think we’re say­ing you should ever buy a new put­ter based on data alone. We’re not. Data is there to help you make a more in­formed buy­ing de­ci­sion, and with more Fore­sight GC Quad launch mon­i­tors mak­ing their way into pro shops ev­ery week, put­ter fit­tings should be­come the norm, just like a driver or iron fit­ting.

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