FACE MA­TE­RIAL: CNC milled 303 Stain­less steel. MOD­ELS WITH THIS TECH: All 12 Evn­roll ER mod­els.

WHAT EVN­ROLL SAYS: Closely-spaced grooves cre­ate su­pe­rior roll and soften im­pact. With pro­gres­sively more face in con­tact with the ball on off-cen­tre hits, more en­ergy is trans­ferred, im­prov­ing dis­tance consistency. A unique milling pat­tern helps gear off-cen­tre putts back on­line.

HOW IT PER­FORMED: We can’t go as far as sup­port­ing Evn­roll’s claim of their Sweet Face tech “gear­ing” putts back on­line, as it’s vir­tu­ally im­pos­si­ble to prove or dis­prove. But by cre­at­ing sim­i­lar lev­els of top­spin as our test av­er­age, along with the joint low­est skid dis­tance of all the put­ters here, it’s got to be said Sweet Face is ab­so­lutely bril­liant. Guerin Rife, Evn­roll’s cre­ator, is a clever guy and the tech he’s no doubt pored over for years doesn’t come cheap. Ev­ery time though we’ve tested an Evn­roll model it’s come out favourably in terms of data looks and feel, which tells its own story. In our book Sweet Face has merit for any golfer want­ing to im­prove roll and dis­tance consistency on the dance­floor.


78rpm for­ward (5th)

AV­ER­AGE SKID DIS­TANCE 17in (joint 1st)

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