The X-TREM-1


Christophe Claret is en­rich­ing its X-TREM-1 watch col­lec­tion with a new vari­a­tion. X-TREM-1 rep­re­sents a ma­jor tech­ni­cal and aes­thetic ac­com­plish­ment: a fly­ing tour­bil­lon in­clined at a 30° an­gle, mounted on a three-di­men­sional curvex ti­ta­nium main-plate, equipped with a ret­ro­grade hours and min­utes dis­play sys­tem that is rad­i­cally dif­fer­ent from ex­ist­ing con­ven­tions. Two tiny hol­lowed steel spheres, iso­lated within tubes on the left and right sides of the case­band, mag­i­cally move with no me­chan­i­cal con­nec­tion thanks to mag­netic fields gen­er­ated by two minia­ture mag­nets moved by ca­bles. 5N red gold and black grade 5 PVD ti­ta­nium were the met­als cho­sen to make the case of this new ver­sion and the sap­phire tubes have been re­placed by cylin­dri­cal ring-bound tubes hous­ing mo­bile stain­less steel spheres in­di­cat­ing the time. This ver­sion is pro­duced in an 8-piece limited edi­tion.

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