The or­di­nary golfer doesn’t have £20,000 to splash out on a Track­man; what can we do?


This is true, but there is tech­nol­ogy out there any­one can use that do a sim­i­lar job, es­pe­cially the Ar­c­cos shot­track­ing sys­tem used by Co­bra in its Con­nect tech­nol­ogy.

The sys­tem uses a sen­sor in the butt of the club to send data to your phone. Its Smart Dis­tance func­tion gives you an aver­age dis­tance for each shot, with the ac­com­pa­ny­ing Smart Range fea­ture show­ing you the spread of that dis­tance.

The great thing about this sys­tem is that un­like pretty much ev­ery other tech­nol­ogy it works on the course, giv­ing you a true pic­ture of how you per­form when it counts.

Track your wedge shots over eight-12 rounds and you will get an aver­age dis­tance for each wedge. Hav­ing got those dis­tances, you can go to the range and use a rangefinder to prac­tise hit­ting them. You can then work on tight­en­ing the dis­per­sion fig­ures thrown up by Smart Range.

Af­ter all, pitch­ing per­for­mance is not about hit­ting it fur­ther, it’s about hit­ting a spe­cific dis­tance. As Sam Snead once said, “If you want to know how good you are, go to an empty field with your 9-iron, perch up a sin­gle ball, and pro­gram your­self to hit the ball ex­actly 125 yards. Hit the shot, then pace off the yardage. If you came within five yards, you’re a player.”

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