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The new Odyssey Red Ball put­ter is a face-bal­anced mal­let put­ter with a Red Ball scope, Versa high con­trast align­ment, and a White Hot in­sert. It has been specif­i­cally en­gi­neered to ad­dress and im­prove on two things, proper set up and proper align­ment. Hav­ing the right set up and align­ment is cru­cial for any player, and this in­no­va­tive new de­sign is all about get­ting golfers prop­erly po­si­tioned over the ball.

Odyssey has placed a dis­tinct Red Ball in­side the scope of the put­ter so

that it’s in­cred­i­bly easy to align the face to the in­tended start line on ev­ery putt. Com­bined with the black and white fram­ing from their proven Versa high con­trast align­ment, this for­giv­ing mal­let re­moves the vari­ables in the set up. Al­low­ing golfers to get the right set up and the proper line ev­ery time they’re over the ball. With all of this tech­nol­ogy, cou­pled with the leg­endary sound, feel and roll from the White Hot RX in­sert, golfers will have ev­ery­thing they need to be­come a more con­sis­tent put­ter.

Red Ball For Easy and Con­sis­tent Setup

The in­no­va­tive Red Ball in the scope of the put­ter al­lows golfers to con­sis­tently get into the proper set up over the ball.

Im­proved Align­ment From Versa

Odyssey’s proven Versa high con­trast tech­nol­ogy also helps golfers align the put­ter so they get set up on their

in­tended line.

White Hot Sound and Feel

Odyssey’s White Hot RX in­sert pro­vides leg­endary sound, feel, and great roll. To make more putts golfers just have to get the cor­rect line as well as the speed right. Com­bin­ing Red Ball and Versa with White Hot will help them do just that.

More For­give­ness From A Mal­let Shape

With Odyssey’s mal­let de­sign in the Red Ball put­ter, en­gi­neers were able to take weight out of the cen­tre of the head and re­dis­tribute it into the perime­ter of the head. This is how Odyssey was able to con­cen­trate the weight, driv­ing up the MOI sig­nif­i­cantly for more con­sis­tent ball speeds and di­rec­tional con­trol.

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