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Grant pre­sented by MB&F + L’epée 1839

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Grant is a triple-tracked, Mad-max-crosstrans­former ro­bot clock with a time dis­play on his shield and a mis­sion to slow things down when time runs too fast. There are no in­ces­santly flash­ing dig­i­tal nu­mer­als on Grant’s shield, no con­stantly spin­ning sec­ond hand. Grant trans­forms the fran­tic chaos of modern time­keep­ing into re­lax­ing hours and min­utes.

While Grant’s time moves rel­a­tively slowly, he can travel quickly over rough ter­rain or the messi­est of desks and ta­bles on his three op­er­a­tional rub­ber tracks. Grant can also trans­form into one of three dif­fer­ent modes, ly­ing hor­i­zon­tally over his chas­sis for a low pro­file, crouch­ing at 45 de­grees, and sit­ting up 90 de­grees. Grant’s time shield can al­ways be set to a com­fort­able and op­ti­mal view­ing an­gle.

What­ever the an­gle, Grant’s highly pol­ished clock­work is on full dis­play, al­low­ing ev­ery click and turn of the gears to be wit­nessed. The main­spring bar­rel click near his ‘belly but­ton’ is par­tic­u­larly mes­mer­iz­ing in op­er­a­tion. The isochronal os­cil­la­tions of the reg­u­la­tor keep­ing time in Grant’s glass-domed ‘brain’ are ev­i­dence of the clock­work’s high pre­ci­sion. Watch­ing Grant “think­ing” in real time is a stress-re­liev­ing ac­tiv­ity in it­self.

Grant's 8-day, in-line man­u­fac­ture move­ment fea­tures the same su­perla­tive fine fin­ish­ing as found on the finest wrist­watches such as Geneva waves, anglage or chamfering, pol­ish­ing, sand­blast­ing, plus cir­cu­lar and ver­ti­cal satin fin­ish­ing. Hand fin­ish­ing a clock move­ment is sig­nif­i­cantly more chal­leng­ing than that of a wrist­watch due to the larger sur­face ar­eas of the clock com­po­nents.

While he doesn’t look for fights, Grant packs ap­pro­pri­ate weaponry. His left arm holds a spin­ning disk, while his right arm clasps a re­mov­able grenade launcher. Grant even has a sur­prise up his sleeve, his grenade launcher is re­mov­able and dou­bles as the wind­ing and time-set­ting key for his 8-day clock­work, so he doesn’t run out of ei­ther fire­power or time.

L’epée 1839 de­vel­oped Grant to MB&F’S de­sign us­ing its 8-day, in-line man­u­fac­ture

move­ment as a struc­tural base. Grant doesn’t just look like a com­pli­cated piece of high-pre­ci­sion mi­cro-en­gi­neer­ing, he is an in­cred­i­bly solid piece of com­plex high-pre­ci­sion mi­cro-en­gi­neer­ing with an im­pres­sive 268 com­po­nents go­ing into the con­struc­tion of his body and clock­work, more pieces than in many com­pli­cated wrist­watches.

Un­der the trans­par­ent min­eral glass dome on Grant's “head”, the clock move­ment’s reg­u­la­tor, con­sist­ing of the bal­ance and es­cape­ment, fea­tures an In­ca­bloc shock pro­tec­tion sys­tem to min­imise the risk of dam­age when the clock is moved or trans­ported. Shock pro­tec­tion is fairly com­mon in wrist­watch move­ments how­ever, it is un­usual in clocks, which are gen­er­ally sta­tion­ary. But then Grant is no sta­tion­ary clock, he is a ro­bot on a mis­sion to trans­form time.

Grant is avail­able in three lim­ited edi­tions of 50 pieces each in Nickel, Black, and Blue.

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